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Pet Cremation



Saying "good-bye" to your beloved pet is like losing a member of the family. At Family Pet Mortuary we understand the special bond that exists, and we can help provide a dignified farewell for your pet.

When the time comes, we can transport your pet from your home or your veterinarian's office to our mortuary. We offer private, communal, or witnessed cremation.

Communal cremation: Pets are cremated with other pets. Ashes are grouped together so ashes cannot be recovered from one single pet. Ashes are respectfully returned to the earth. As always, your pet is handled with Care, Dignity, and Respect.

Private (partitioned) cremation: Your pet is carefully partitioned from other pets in the cremation process. Only your pet's remains are returned to you. This is guaranteed through our Assured I.D. System. Guaranteed. Your pet is handled with Care, Dignity, and Respect.

Witnessed and/or single pet cremation: Some may want their pet to have a single pet cremation (no other pets in the cremation unit) or have a public witness cremation. We have a small cremation unit in front of our Family Farewell Room so that you can gather with family and friends to witness your pet's placement in a single pet cremation unit. We also have the ability to have a Web Cast Witnessed Cremation so that out-of -town family and friends can participate in the farewell process.