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Farewell Room


No one can say how long the grieving process will take. And while having a ceremony or ritual won't put an end to grieving, many bereaved pet parents feel that having some type of event in memory of their pet does help with the healing process. It can provide a sense of closure, help focus on the positive and reinforce the happy memories as a way to stem the tide of pain that comes from loss.

These events - ceremonies, rituals or celebrations - can be as simple as having an undisturbed time of reflection in a peaceful place like our Farewell Room, inviting a few close friends to openly pay their respects and share memories, or as large as a community celebration with many in attendance. The options are almost endless.


What type of services will comfort your family at this time?

  • Quiet Family Time
  • Family & Friends Ceremony
  • Community Celebration

Will you have a witnessed cremation?

Will you need a Family Pet Mortuary Officiant to conduct a service?

Would you like us to help you put together a photo slide show?

Do you have special songs that you would like played during the ceremony?

Will the ceremony/celebration need to be webcasted to allow distant family and friends to witness?


  • Candle Lighting Service
  • Memory Table - invite family and friends to bring and arrange


  • Flower Placement
  • Picture Board - Magnetic
  • Letter/Notecard Placement
  • Balloon Release
  • Dove Release
  • Poems/Reading
  • Family & Friends Memorial Tree Planting


Please give us the opportunity to answer any questions or respond to any special requests that you may have. We are dedicated to helping you make the best choice to suit your needs and budget.