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Assured I.D.


We know mistakes can be made from when your pet is picked up at their veterinarian's hospital until the time your pet's ashes are delivered back to you.

That is why we developed Assured I.D. A system where you can be confident that the ashes that are returned to you, are the ashes of your beloved pet.

medallianFirst we developed a Pet Identification Tag. This is a numbered medallion that is placed on to your pet at the time of death. This medallion never leaves your pet and is returned to you with your pet's ashes. The number is recorded on your authorization form that you have in your possession before cremation is begun.

Second, we developed GPS tracking barcode that assigns a barcode to your pet and through the 3G network, let's us know where your pet is at all times.

Third and last, we have paper work that checks your pet's identification and cremation needs at your veterinarian's hospital, the day of arrival at the crematorium, the time of cremation and the minute the ashes arrive back at your house or your veterinarian's hospital.

With all this, you can have the confidence and the guarantee that your pet's ashes are your pet's ashes.